The unmissable Bolt Unofficial Replica jersey was created to celebrate the great acid yellow shirts that have graced the European stage over the last 25 years. From mid-nineties Dortmund to the Ronaldinho era Barca, we all have a classic shirt that this latest Unofficial Replica reminds us of.

In the true spirit of the Kit and Bone Unofficial Replica series its striking fluorescent yellow and black create a familiar yet refreshing take on this legendary combination.

We wanted the new Bolt to feel like a truly premium garment on every level. The first thing we did was to introduce a new sleeker shape to the shirt for a much improved fit. And the feel of the shirt was just as important to us, so to give it that authentic football shirt chartacter we opted to use heat-pressed decals, giving sharper edges, deeper colours and a richer tactile aesthetic across the jersey. All of this combined we believe this is version of the Bolt is one of our most exciting jerseys to date, with more spark than ever before. 

We've even created a bespoke number set to compliment the new design and complete your shirt.  

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